The NOONA concept was born from the love of food and eating in general, as well as from the deep desire to inspire the community with local wholesome food. Ready-made meals and a healthy, wholefood diet can be combined.

Through extensive innovation and research we were able to develop a perfect ready-made meal with no overcooked ingredients and no addition of any additives. The product retains all vitamins and flavours.100% fresh. 100% tasteful. Modern cuisine meets fast food.

This is possible due to the valve, the centrepiece of the new high-tech packaging, which helps preserve major ingredients such as vitamin C. The revolutionary counterpressure cooking enables to combine and cook together various raw foods into a single meal.

NOONA is a think-tank/online platform for food production, which campaigns for a healthy and conscious diet. As an umbrella organisation for new product innovations, it creates synergies with similarly minded companies. We are fond of new ideas with regard to sustainable packaging, recycling, diet & logistics and diet & blockchain. Our ambition is to substantially increase productivity in the food chain.