The partially raw food is wrapped in pressure and heat resistant packaging with valve. It makes it easier to control temperature while cooking in the microwave. During cooking, negative pressure is created in the packaging, which escapes through the valve only partially and in a controlled manner. This prevents food cells from bursting. The vitamins and nutrients are preserved.

Please follow the instructions. Let our meals rest enough long to reach their optimal flavour. You can serve the meal on a plate, or enjoy it directly from the bowl.


  • Remove the paper. Do not prick the film wrap.
  • Put into the microwave without opening the packaging.
  • Put to rest.
  • Remove the film wrap and enjoy.


  • Remove the paper. Remove the film wrap.
  • Open the packaging and put the meal into the steamer.
  • Put to rest.

Frying Pan

  • Remove the paper. Remove the film wrap.
  • Cook vegetables and meat/fish in a pan with the lid closed.
  • Add and heat the side dishes.
  • Serve and enjoy.